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Chronicles of Suffering Vol. 2 

Folks, we suck at updating you on progress.  Frankly, we're too busy perfecting the next album!  If you liked Vengeful Divinations, you'll love the next one, as it is a perfect continuation of, well, suffering!  We'll be doing the final recordings in the next month and will be aiming for a Summer/Fall Release.  Stay tuned...

Vengeful Divinations 

As many of you know, we have chosen Chronicles of Suffering Vol I: Vengeful Divinations as the title of our new album. This album will be released for download by the end of the year, specific date pending. It will have a little something for most tastes within the metal genre. Track listing is as follows:
1. Rise [Instrumental]
2. Masque of the Black Death
3. Blade of Bel
4. Vengeful Divination
5. Evil Toymaker
6. Trollskinner
7. Die Metamorphose
8. Fall [Instrumental]

Vengeful Divinations 

Ashes of Abaddon has chosen the title "Vengeful Divinations" for our follow up the last year's debut album "The Infected." Album artwork will be revealed at a later date. Expect a demo single to be released shortly.

The Show must go on! 6-30-13 

Ashes of Abaddon has decided to procede this glorious project after the fragmentation of it's drummer, Brett Widmer.  So, get your ass going and apply today!  We practice once a week in Fruitland. We play original doom/thrash/death/groove metal and have just released our debut album entitled The Infected. Some of our influences include Machine Head, Amon Amarth, Lamb of God, In Flames, Pantera, and Sabbath. Must be drug/alcohol addiction-free and have own gear. Go to or and listen to our style. We are all easy-going dudes...divas and primadonnas need not apply.

Outside of that: Our First album seems to have hit some torrent sites.  Our reaction?  "Fire Bad!" ...nope.  We're exstatic to see it getting shared throughout the world!  Money is too far into the negative numbers on this venture for any of us to really quable over a few missing cents.  We do this because we love the music and the fans.  The CD itself is of higher audio quality and much more collectable, but the tunes on the torrents (and any MP3, for that matter) are still a solid answer to a still head and bored ear drum.

Finally: Ashes of Abaddon is proud to announce it's own private studio is going to go public.  Headed by out lead singer/bassist Jesse Wetzel, "Bad Pentagon" Studio will be opening it's doors soon.  The great news for you Ashes fans who aren't out to get a recording done for themselves is that future Ashes of Abaddon releases will be of even better quality.  New equipment has been purchased, better mics, hotter preamps, you name it!  So it's a big Win-Win for everybody.

Stay tuned for future news.  And find us the right Drummer!

The Departure of drummer Brett Widmer 

We are sorry to announce the departure of our longtime drummer and good friend, Brett Widmer. He was a founding member of Ashes of Abaddon and has been a menace behind the skins, delivering the goods for many years. He has decided to take a breather for personal reasons and we wish him nothing but the best in those endeavors. Buy him a drink the next time you see him at a show for his contributions to AoA and the local metal scene in general!! m/ m/

3-19-13 - We give to you... The Infected 

Finally.  It is here.  The Infected.  Like an STD, once you get it in you, you won't be able to let it go.  Buy it now on Amazon, iTunes, and damn near anywhere on the internet that sells MP3s!  For those of you with a bit more patience, Album Prints will be done in a few weeks.  The CDs will be on sale and will have more content and, of course, better sound quality, along with album artwork, lyrics... the whole 9.  Hell, the whole 10.

Definitely leave us some feedback on Facebook, or email us if you want.  What's your favorite track?

2/24/2013 - Pics, Music, and much more 

Happy to announce that we are putting out "The Infected" for online downloads this week!  For those lucky enough to pick up a copy from out Knitting Factory show, you should have been emailed a link to download the full MP3 version of the album.  CD version is soon to follow and contains higher audio quality, bonus audio tracks and, of course, all the great art and insert details.

For those who missed our wicked Knit show in Boise, ID... make sure to go to the photos section and check out what the talented Max Chavez ( put together for us.  We also have the performance recorded in 1080p, but that will need the usual editing process.  Very soon, though, Disciples.

Check in later this week to pick up a copy for yourself of "The Infected".

Also, a little behind the scenes action nobody caught, but I'll let Derek tell the story...
"Touched by an angel? So we were doing sound checks for the show Friday night and halfway through our first song my guitar cuts out. All the lights were still lit on my pedal board, my guitar was still sending signal to the tuner, my amp is fully lit up, but when I walked around to the back of my cab I noticed the cable connecting it to the head is unplugged halfway. There's no way it could've got accidentally unplugged at this point, so I'm wondering if someone was messing with me. I plug it back in and resume sound checks. 2 minutes later the same thing happens. I go back and check it and sure enough its unplugged again, this time it's all the way out. The sound guy comes over and says "Whoa dude! The last time Dimebag played here he setup at that exact same spot and had the exact same thing happen to his cab too...twice! He had to tape his plug to his cab...Here's some tape" So I taped it up Dimebag style and (after a lot of freaking out over it) played a killer show!! m/"